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Don’t Rush

Thought for the day… slow news … like slow food

I’m hungry for news, but I have turned off both types of news channels (canceled cable). Like a meal, I could snarf down a couple sliders and fries for a temporary fix to my imagined hunger (I’m not skinny) or I could sit down to a nice slow meal and savor each morsel, and remember and think about the meal for days or perhaps years. If sliders are new to your vocabulary, you could google it. (hint: try White Castle).

The current wisdom is to comment on the news of the day (breaking news), because you will move on to the next news cycle before I get out a comment or idea if I don’t.

I pulled the plug on both the propaganda and sensational channels months ago. If there is something that is newsworthy it will still be there tomorrow. More importantly, instead of listening to sound bites that are designed to appeal to my lizard brain, I listen to and read in-depth reporting where journalists practice their trade instead of pandering to our most basic instincts. I have the time to think about what is happening and have food for thought that lingers for days.

So, over the coming days, come back here to share our thoughts. Let’s turn off the noise and reflect how where we are and how we are going forward. I think we have common cause to make our community and world better rather than playing the blame game or inventing reality. After all, we currently live in a time and place called the United States, where each of us is on the governing board. There is no “deep state”, or, if there is, it is looking back at you in the mirror.

Talk to you later.

Roger Steinkamp

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