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Eeg Bogga Soomaaliga

One of the driving principles of my career has been Citizen Empowerment.  It can be applied to almost any organization, business, or government.  Simply put, it means average citizens have the power and participate in making decisions. There are three levels or steps.  At the bottom is pure manipulation.  Those in power will tell you anything to get compliance.  The next level is being a token. In other words, you are given some insignificant role to make you feel better but have no real power to change things.  At the top is empowerment where everyone is part of the decision-making group, and can discuss, negotiate, and ultimately decide the course of action.  It also implies taking responsibility for your decisions and actions.    I have faith in people making good decisions when they are well informed and not afraid to question any action and change course if needed.  I have managed complex ideas in development projects, teaching school, and running a business.  I take the time to connect all the dots to get as complete a picture of a situation as possible. Then I lay out as many future scenarios as I can based on that information that takes in the direction we want.

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